National tea day

brew a delicious cup of tea and get the best iced tea recipe for today!

If you don't know, National Tea Day takes place on Friday, April 21.

This date was chosen because it was also Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

Making the perfect cup of tea

Start by placing a tea bag in a mug. Add boiling water, and swirl a little.

Making the perfect cup of tea

Tea needs time to unlock all its flavor. Give it four to five minutes to brew before removing the tea bag.

Making the perfect cup of tea

You can squish (but just a bit, only once) the tea bag against the mug's side before removing it. But be careful: your tea might taste bitter if you squish it too much.

Making the perfect cup of tea

If wanted, customize your brew by adding your choice of milk, sugar, lemon, or even honey.

Wanna make a delicious iced tea?

I have the perfect recipe for you! Black tea, combined with brown sugar, milk and tea ice cubes is a delicious and easy choice for today!