Did you know you don't need to use egg whites to get granola clusters?

All you need are a few tips and some good granola recipes!

1. Don't Stir While Baking

Don't worry, your granola won't burn, as long as you're baking at the right temperature.

2. Spread well

It needs to be in an even layer in the baking sheet: don’t leave much space, but also don’t overcrowd it. 

3. Press it into clusters

While spreading the granola in the baking sheet, press it into clusters.

4. Don't overbake it

Overbaking your granola will make it unpleasantly crunchy, and you'll lose all the big clusters.

5. Bake it slow

Granola needs to be baked in a low temperature for a longer time.

6. Let it cool

Wait for granola to cool before breaking it into chunks!

7. Get a good recipe

Look for a good recipe, specially if you're new into baking granola.

I love granola, and all my recipes were developed so you can get big clusters with little effort.

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