These are the best iced matcha lattes for summer

recipes + the perfect tip for better iced matcha lattes!

What is matcha?

Matcha, if you haven't heard about this pretty green powder, is finely ground green tea. Traditionally, matcha is made by whisking it with hot water.

Matcha lattes can be made hot or cold

And during summer, nothing better than a cold version to cool down in the middle of a scorching day!

Traditional iced matcha latte

Creamy and perfectly balanced, this iced latte is a healthier version, made with matcha powder, honey and oat milk.

Iced pineapple matcha latte

In this vegan drink, the combination of coconut, pineapple and matcha gives tropical and earthy vibes.

Matcha coffee

Have you ever thought about mixing matcha and coffee? It's delicious! Adding milk to this drink makes it less bitter and more creamy.

What can make my iced matcha lattes taste even better?

I have the perfect addiction to every iced matcha latte! This ingredient makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Replacing ice cubes for matcha latte ice cubes

They're super easy to make! Swipe up and learn how to prepare these for your lattes.

Bonus Recipe: Matcha Frappuccino

Quick, easy and perfect for summer, this matcha frappuccino is perfection for a sunny day!